Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My ghana weave!

Welcome to a new month!I am really expectant this month,i am sure my hopes will not be dashed,praying your wish come through this month and  wishing you all a beautiful month.

I had on a new hairdo to the office this week,and it was an instant hit.Maybe because i have not had such an hairstyle on for a  while.The Ghana weave(which could also be called cornrows).I had it weaved straight to the back.(see a sample close enough  picture shown below).My wardrobe for the week had to complement my hair.

See below my wardrobe for the week!


Dress;I wore a brown knee lenght pencil skirt,matched with a lovely vintage jacket(special detail on the jacket ,lovely cape,the jacket is one of my favorites power yet chick jacket ,i so love the jacket,the style is vintage yet really trendy.i would post pictures of some of my  favorites items in my wardrobe soon.

Accessories;My beautiful gold chandelier earring(i would be wearing more of chandelier earring instead of my usual pearl earring because of the hairstyle).

Shoe and bag;Brown shoes,brown and black bag.

Tuesday!???? Can't remember.


Dress;I paired a  black pencil  skirt with a cream vintage jacket(i was scheduled to attend an out of office meeting).

Accessories;A gold chandelier earrings,pearl bracelet,no neck piece.

Shoe and bag;Black shoe,brown and black bag.


Dress; I am proposing to wear a red round neck shirt paired with a checked grey,white and red striped trouser.

Shoe and bag;Red flat shoe ,my brown and black bag(quite the fashionista!lol!nope not with the bag ,i should use a black bag ,but can't change my bag tonight0.

Friday!My official office shirt paired with a blue jeans.

My favorite item for the week;Pencil skirt,see below pictures and ideas on how to wear that lovely pencil skirt you have in your wardrobe.

I love this look!Lovely combination,great for the office.

The skirt is too short for an office environment.A big NO for the office.

Casual and functional.

Ah!my ghana weave closet picture sample!

Love the shoes!Can you walk around the office in a pair of heel this high?

Love this!

Which are your  favorite looks?Do you have other ideas on how to wear the skirt?Do send in your pictures to or simply leave your comments.We would love to see them.Thank you.

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