Saturday, June 18, 2011

Korto Momolu Liberian born fashion designer on CNN international's African Voices.

I just watched Korto Momolu interview on CNN and am really inspired by her.She was featured on International African voices with Isha Sesay.

Her journey so far;

Korto Momolu (pronounced Cut • Toe – Mo • Mo • Lu) is a popular fashion designer and stylist.  . Born in Liberia, West Africa, Korto left the country in 1990 due to a civil war, and settled in Canada where she pursued her passion, and studied fashion design at the L'Academies des Couturiers Design Institute in Ottawa, Ontario. After graduation, she moved to Arkansas with her husband to live and raise their daughter. Influenced by her African roots and inspired by rich fabrics, Korto began producing chic womenÕs wear and accessories.Read the full article at

View a few of  her peices below;


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