Thursday, May 31, 2012

Looking good –feeling good-better attitude

Looking good has a direct effect on how we feel about ourselves. Have you ever noticed how more confident you feel when you are well dressed, or you took time to take care of how you are dressed and how you look?  When we feel good about ourselves, we generate and exude positive energy which is then picked up by people around us.

Looking good and improving on how we look can be achieved by changing a few things we do and incorporating new ideas!

Below are a few tips for you to try out with what you already have;

Add a pop of color to your neutral /basic colored pants or skirt, which you can achieve by just wearing colored accessories.

Ladies; please put on basic makeup (powder your face, mascara, lip gloss, and please remember to shape your eyebrow it defines your face).

Never wear tight or ill fitting clothes; give a tailor to amend your ill fitting clothes!

Mix and match your outfits; try something new with your clothes, match pieces of clothing you would usually not combine together.

Keep your clothes clean, tidy and well ironed this way you look polish, organize and well put together.

Accessories; different accessories can be used to brighten up an outfit, experiment with scarves, brooches, chunky earrings ,statement neck-piece and so much more.


Improved appearance almost always translates into more confidence and empowers you!

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