Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vintage looks!

Hello all,

 I have had quite an amazing number of feedback's! I am really so excited, nervous and grateful; some complained they are being left out of the blogsale since they are not vintage lovers. I have decided to write a post on how you can rock/wear a vintage /vintage inspired outfits.

 Below are a few tips!

 Start small; I will suggest you start off wearing one item at a time. Your unique vintage outfit/accessory will stand out more if it isn't competing with other items.

 Don't dress entirely in vintage from one decade or trend; the point of vintage is to take the best of what each decades has to offer and make it work for today. Your can mix one focal vintage item with core pieces of your wardrobe like jeans,simple blazers.

Be open minded; vintage items may look strange and funny ,and you could think I could never wear things like that,vintage is an adventure; it adds excitement to your wardrobe ,be open minded and try new things.

 Still feel you can't rock a vintage piece? Please do leave your comments!

 I will be putting up some pictures of how to rock some vintage/ vintage inspired outfits,celebrities rocking vintage inspired outfits and some outfits from my upcoming blog sale.


  1. Totally with you on the open-mindedness.. It may be a tough step to take but will eventually be worth it! And being clad head-to-toe in vintage clothing? No-no! (Y) you go girl.

    1. Thanks for the comment emotunrie!

      Hope you come back and check for more updates on the blogsale.