Monday, September 3, 2012

STYLE TIPS! Fashion do's

This is the other part of my earlier post,fashion do's.
There are quite a number fashion dont's ,that a now fashionable acceptable.
Below are a few of the current acceptable fashion do's.

Do Add a pop of colour(you can add colour by accessorizing ,through shoes)
Wear all white appropriate outfits
Do Get out of your comfort zone and try a look that may not traditionally be your style.
Do Purchase good undergarments. if you are wearing the wrong bra or underwear it will ruin the look of what you are wearing. 
Do Wear styles that complement your frame
Do Invest in a really great handbag and take good care of it.
Do invest in a great-fitting pair of jeans. Ignore the labels and sizing and just concentrate on the fit
Do get things tailored. Off-the-rack clothes might not always fit perfectly….a little tailoring can take an outfit from fine to fabulous. 
Do Combine feminine and masculine styles.  Try a tailored suit with a lace cami or top underneath.
Do wear red lipstick

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