Sunday, July 28, 2013


Hello all,

How are you all doing? Its a Sunday, and what better day to get prepared for the coming week.
I usually advise my clients and personally I try to do it as well. I arrange my work cloth for the week ( but of course I could decide to change any of the outfits I have planned out for the week. I feel more comfortable when I have them a bit planned out, so on days the unforeseen happens ( getting home late due to traffic, impromptu evening meetings, unusually stressful day at work) I don't have to bother about what to wear the next day since its all already planned ahead .

Also have complimentary accessories , bags , belts and shoes for each outfit planned ahead.

And for the working mum's it's a morning trick ,time saver , once you wake up all you have to do is get the kids and your Igwe ready for the day. Between getting them dressed and packing lunch boxes ,mornings could be quite hectic for the working mum.

Below are a few looks to get inspired for the week.

I am sure you can find a look you can adapt for your work place dressing etiquette. For workplace with strict formal dressing policies you can spice up your look by adding a touch of colour through your accessories,bags ,belts and shoes.

Style inspiration ; work chick will be back next week. Keep a date .

I would love to see your work / formal looks. Send your pictures to sisiekomi@

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