Saturday, February 1, 2014


Hello all,

How are u doing? It's a Saturday which is a good time to get organized for the week.
I got the inspiration for this post while with a client recently ( to help organize her closet ) . The lady is a mum to two adorable little boys, she is always busy, works regular 8 to 5 job , cooks weekends, busy with church activities on Sunday! She decided to take time out to organize her closet ( still working with her on other aspects of her style, nails ,accessories, scent, shoes,bags etc).

Below are a few tips she is working with, hope it helps you as well;

1) Organize  your cloths based on skirts, trousers, tops, shirts, blouses, jeans, jackets, inner wears , dresses ,shoes, bags, accessories etc.

2) Pair  the tops with trousers , skirts , jeans etc( each top can be paired or worn with more than one skirt or trouser). You can draw your pairing inspiration either from how your have previously worn the outfit or from any of our style inspiration post.

3) Organize your wardrope to casuals, formal , Sunday / church wears , weddings, miscellaneous wears etc based on functions you attend. For those that have different bags, accessories ,shoes for each event this can be paired along with some of the outfits.

4) Pair outfits that you can wear for at least 3 weeks in advance , this makes it easier and saves time if you are a regular  nine to five worker.

This is  a few basics to having an organized and easy to manage closet. It saves quite a whole lot of time, it helps you to know exactly what you have and what you need during your next shopping.

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